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District 5 A Side Football Tournament 2011

Our 3rd year at Goals saw another 5 a side tournament full of goals and good football on a bright sunny April morning.

There were 8 Scout teams entered with 2 opening groups of 4 teams - from these 4th Bexleyheath progressed with 3 wins out of 3 but then lost out in the Semi Finals to the defending champions 1st Bridgen 4-2.

Meanwhile the other group winners 4th Barnehurst (Espinosa) eased through to the Final with a comprehensive 5-0 win over 5th/7th Bexleyheath.

In the final 1st Bridgen triumphed 2-0 so not only retaining their title but also avenging a 3-1 defeat by Espinosa in the group stages.

The Cub Section had decided to resurrect their Football Competition after a gap of several years and so joined the Scouts on the same morning at Goals.

There were 15 Cub teams entered, split into 4 initial groups and Bexley Amazons caught the eye in these by winning their 3 games 8-1, 8-0 and 7-0!!

In the Quarter Finals they were beaten 2-1 by a team from Bexley's Swallows Pack while the other 3 group winners all progressed to the Semi Finals.

In the Semi Finals Bridgen beat 5th Bexleyheath's B team 2-0 (having put 5th's A team out in the Quarter Finals) while Bexley Swallows came back from 2 goals down to beat 7th Bexleyheath B 3-2.

In the Final 1st Bridgen managed to complete a 'Double' by emulating their Scout team with a 4-1 victory.

The 2011 results are now available in Excel format if you click HERE

Recent Winners:

2011 1st Bridgen 2 Espinosa A 0

2010 1st Bridgen 4 Bexley 1

2009 4th Bexleyheath 0 3rd Barnehurst 0 (aet, 5-4 on pens)

2008 Impeesa 2 5th/7th Bexleyheath 0

2007 3rd Barnehurst 2 5th/7th Bexleyheath 0

2006 4th Bexleyheath 1 5th/7th Bexleyheath 0

2005 Bexley 2 3rd Barnehurst 0

2004 3rd Barnehurst

2003 3rd Barnehurst


2001 2nd Bexley


1999 2nd Bexley

1998 1st Baldwyns Park

1997 1st Baldwyns Park

1996 8th Bexleyheath

1995 1st Bridgen

1994 1st Bridgen

1993 2nd Bexley

1992 2nd Bexley

1991 1st Bridgen

1990 1st Bridgen

1989 1st Bridgen

1988 5th Bexleyheath


1986 1st Blendon



1983 4th Barnehurst

1982 1st Bexley

1981 3rd Bexley

1980 3rd Bexley

1979 3rd Bexley

1978 3rd Bexley




1974 1st Baldwyns Park


Ten Pin Bowling Competition 2010

The 2010 Bowling Competition was held at the end of January. For the first time ever the individual winner was a tie on 111 between Sam (Bexley) and Lewis(3rd Barnehurst)

Previous Winners:

2010 3rd Barnehurst (Leaders 4th Bexleyheath)

2009 Bexley (Leaders 4th Bexleyheath)

2008 5th/7th Bexleyheath (Leaders 4th Barnehurst Impeesa)

2007 5th/7th Bexleyheath (Leaders 3rd Barnehurst)

2006 5th/7th Bexleyheath (Leaders 3rd Barnehurst)

2005 5th/7th Bexleyheath (Leaders 4th Barnehurst Impeesa)

District Masterchef 2009

The Masterchef competition was held in September with each team cooking a Spanish 2 course meal over an altar fire.

Previous Winners:

2009 1st Bridgen

2008 4th Barnehurst Espinosa

2007 4th Barnehurst Impeesa

2006 5th/7th Bexleyheath

2005 5th/7th Bexleyheath

2004 5th/7th Bexleyheath

2003 Bexley


2001 2nd Bexley

2000 2nd Bexley

1999 1st Blendon


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