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Haslehurst Hike Kit List

Personal Kit

Team Kit



Personal Kit

Uniform Shirt and Scarf

Small Day Rucsac


Hiking Boots / Strong Shoes

Trousers (not jeans)

Torch and Spare Batteries


Reflective Clothing

Scout Record Book

Emergency Rations

Ski Hat & Gloves

Team Kit

2 Explorer maps

2 compasses

Map Cases

Mobile Phone

First Aid Kit

A survival bag

Emergency Whistle

Pens / pencils & notepad

Each team must carry a small stove and the means to make the whole team a hot drink.

Each team must carry a mobile phone, the number of which must be logged at HQ prior to departure together with name of each team member.

Each team member must have a completed and signed Emergency Contact / Health Form, which must be left at HQ before the start of the hike.

Teams should arrive in good time to pitch their tent and be ready for inspection 45 minutes before their allotted start time.

Sleeping bags, a change of clothes, food for breakfast and the means to cook it should be left in tents.

Please report to Hike HQ on arrival when you will be allocated your camp area.

Completed Team List and Emergency Contact / Health Form for each team member (including adult walkers) should be handed in when you report for inspection 45 minutes before your departure time.



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