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Saturday 22– Sunday 23 October 2011.

Teams may arrive and pitch camp from 16.00 on Saturday.

Start times and the hike location will be advised 2 weeks before the event. You will need to report for inspection, ready to start the hike and to plan your route 45 minutes before your allocated start time.

Teams will need to be picked up at around 12.00 on Sunday.


You will need 2 x Explorer maps.

The route will be between approximately 6 and 8 miles.
Points will be awarded for reaching checkpoints, completing incidents at each checkpoint, completing the hike plus a pre-hike inspection.


All team members must be invested members of the Scout Association and must be under 16 years of age on 31 August 2011.

Teams must consist of between 4 and 7 members.

Any team with 1 member who is 15 years old or more will be deducted 10% of the marks they are awarded for completing the incidents at each checkpoint.

Any team with 2 or more members who are 15 years old or more will be deducted 20% of the marks they are awarded for completing the incidents at each checkpoint.

Senior teams will walk unaccompanied by leaders.

Junior teams will walk accompanied by a walker to be provided by the team who must either be over 18 and have been CRB cleared or aged 16 or 17 and registered as a Young Leader or Explorer Scout. NO CRB CLEARANCE will mean that the team will NOT leave HQ so please make sure that any potential walkers complete CRB Forms NOW, not at the start of October, so that they are back in good time.

The maximum number of any team is 7 people including any accompanying adult walkers.

Each team must carry the kit listed on the attached kit list.

Each team member must have a completed and signed current year ICE Emergency Contact / Health Form, which must be left at HQ, together with their team list, mobile phone number and emergency contact before the start of the hike.

The Haslehurst Hike is a test of a team’s navigational skills using traditional map and compass. Any team found to be in possession of technological navigation aids such as GPS systems will be disqualified.

The team’s mobile phone is for emergency use only – any team found to have used the phone to assist other teams or who in any way hinder other teams will be penalised by either a deduction of points or disqualification

ENTRIES: Entry Forms will be forwarded to SLs in July 2011.




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