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Australian Venture Camps

The Australian Venture camp is held every 3 years and members from Bexleyheath District have attended previous Ventures in Victoria in 2000, New South Wales in 2006, Western Australia in 2009 and Tasmania in January 2012.

The next Australian Venture is in Adelaide, South Australia in January 2015 - we will have more information about this trip for older Scouts and Explorers in nearer the time.

For full details of the next Venture please see www.av2015.scouts.com.au or e-mail info@av-uk.org.uk

WildDayz was held in Tasmania and 3 leaders were part of a UK Contingent of 17 and spent a week in Melbourne before the Venture and then a week in Sydney afterwards.

The blog of the trip and photos should be available shortly.

For Escape we had 11 Explorers plus 5 leaders from Bexleyheath who flew out from the UK on Christmas Day, spent a week (including New Year's Eve) in Sydney and then flew to Perth in time for the start of Escape where they were part of a total UK Contingent of 38 at Fairbridge.

You can see a blog of the trip by going to http://dev.bexleyheathscouts.org.uk and later in the year hopefully we'll be able to upload the DVD of photos onto this website.


AV06 was held at Cataract Park, just south of Sydney and 2 Explorers plus 2 leaders spent a week in Sydney, enjoying home hospitality in Oatley before the camp and a couple of days in the Blue Mountains afterwards. The UK Contingent for AV06 was just 9 in total.

The DVD of photos for this trip can be seen on the Explorers Facebook group and we'll also aim to include it on here shortly.


Venture 2000 saw 4 leaders from Bexleyheath fly to Melbourne and be part of the UK Contingent of 20 at Torquay and Anglesea after enjoying a week's home hospitality in Melbourne and Geelong.

Hopefully we can convert the DVD of photos and upload this here later this year...


Although it's a long way off, at this stage Bexleyheath ESU intend to participate in the next Australian Venture in Adelaide in January 2012 so please check back here for details and also the Venture website www.av2015.scouts.com.au.

Past Ventures
  • 1965-66 - National Senior Scout Venture, Perth WA (the 1st National Venture).
  • 1969-70 - 2nd Australian Venture, Nunawading, Victoria.
  • 1972-73 - 3rd Australian Venture, BP Park, Samford, Queensland.
  • 1975-76 - 4th Australian Venture, Cottermouth, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.
  • 1978-79 - 5th Australian Venture, Victoria Park, South Australia.
  • 1981-82 - 6th Australian Venture, Nunawading, Victoria.
  • 1985 – 7th Australian Venture, VentureWest, Sorrento, Western Australia.
  • 1991 – 8th Australian Venture, AV8, Tasmania.
  • 1994 – 9th Australian Venture, 9AV, Queensland.
  • 1997 – 10th Australian Venture, Mega 10, Woodhouse, South Australia.
  • 2000 – 11th Australian Venture, Venture 2000, Anglesea, Victoria.
  • 2003 – 12th Australian Venture, Extreme Venture, Camp Cottermouth, Australian Capital Territory.
  • 2006 – 13th Australian Venture, AV06, Cataract Park, Sydney, New South Wales.
  • 2009 - 14th Australian Venture, Escape, Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra, Western Australia.
  • 2012 - 15th Australian Venture, Wild Dayz, Quercus Park, Carrick, Tasmania.


Scout Commonwealth Youth Exchange Programme

The Scouts Commonwealth Youth Exchange Programme enables older Scouts and Explorers to spend between 3 weeks and 2 months in either Malta or Australia, living with a Scouting family and taking part in local Scouting and family activities.

It also provides an opportunity for UK Scouting families to host a Maltese or Australian Scout on the same basis. Currently the programme only covers exchanges between Australia and Malta, but there are plans to expand it to other Commonwealth countries in the future.

Participants can choose either just to go on an exchange, or just to host a Scout visiting the UK, but after taking part in the programme many choose to do both.

To take part you must be a member of the Scout Association and aged between 14 and 17 for Australia (15 to 20 for Malta) - UK participants travel out to Australia in July for 5 to 8 weeks while Australian Venturers come to the UK between November and January.

Maltese exchanges take place for 3 weeks in Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.

If you are interested and want further information in the first instance please e-mail chris@bexleyheathscouts.org.uk for an information leaflet.


Links with Australian Scout Groups

During our travels we've made many friends from all around Australia - here are just a few of them:

NSW 1st Oatley Sea Scout Group - www.oatleyscouts.org.au

SA Flagstaff Hill Scout Group - www.flagstaffhill.sa.scouts.com.au

VIC 1st Wallan Scout Group - www.wallanscouts.org.au

WA 1st Waylen Bay Sea Scout Group - www.waylenbayscouts.org.au





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